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IOGT-NTO is Sweden's largest temperance association with about 35,000 members in more than a thousand local societies all over the country. The model is the Independent Organization of Good Templars founded as an American order in 1851. IOGT-NTO concentrates on three nuclear fields — preventive measures, alcohol and narcotic politics, and social work.

In 2005, Torgny Lilja worked as a public relations officer at the Communications Department. "Torgny was very ambitious and productive. He accepted new work assignments with pleasure and completed his assignments in time."

(Source: IOGT-NTO.)

The Swedish Institute is a government authority responsible for interchange of culture, education, research and social life with other countries. It is the institute's task to spread knowledge about Sweden and to promote Swedish interests abroad.

A dominating part of the activities is prosecuted in co-operation with Swedish embassies and consulates all over the world. The board of directors, which are appointed by the Swedish Government, includes people from different sectors of society and the Director-General. SI has about 90 employees.

In 2004, Lilja worked as a public relations officer at the Department for Culture and Society. "The tasks mainly consisted of assisting the department with text editing and PowerPoint presentations and to produce information for SI's new web site."

(Source: The Swedish Institute.)

ReseCentrum Gruppen AB was originally founded by the name Pars Express in 1989. Now it is a parent company that owns Pars Travel Agency and half the subsidiary ReseCentrum i Stockholm AB. The company's business in Sweden consists of selling regular airline tickets, hotels and hire cars to private and business travellers.

The combine has some 20 or 30 partners, which help to turn over about 150 million SEK. Together with ReseCentrum i City AB, the subidiary's other owner, this is one of Sweden's most fastgrowing travel agencies.

In 2003, Lilja worked with bookings and administration.

(Source: ReseCentrum Gruppen AB.)

Skop or Skandinavisk opinion AB is a stand-alone family owned company that works with all kinds of organization, marketing and opinion polls. Skop was founded in 1985 by researchers who had been active at Uppsala University. Today, the management consists of people with experience of public and private sector.

Skop has a wide range of recurring surveys, e.g., omnibus surveys, where different clients can pose one or more questions and share costs with other clients. In most cases, though, the polls are individually designed for each customer's specific needs. The institute works both with quantitive surveys, like telephone interviews and postal questionnaires, and with qualitive surveys, like focus groups and depth interviews with individuals. 

In 2002–06, Lilja was employed as a telephone interviewer.

(Source: Skop.)

The Consulate General of Sweden in New York represented Sweden in USA since the late 40s with special concentration on the New York area. The mission was to support Swedes and to promote Swedish interests in USA. In pursuance of a decision of the Swedish Government, the Consulate General closed in December 2009 and was replaced by an honorary consulate January 1, 2010.

The Consulate General consisted of four sections: The Consular and Legal Section (which dealt with matters concerning passports, citizenship, work- and residence permits, visaing, aid, deprivation of liberty, paternity, etcetera); the Section for Culture and Public Affairs (which promoted cultural exchange between Sweden and USA, arranged events, and spread information about Sweden and Swedes in USA); the Marketing Section (which arranged seminars and other events in order to  promote outstanding Swedish companies and individuals, often in collaboration with other organizations); the Administrative Section (which was responsible for all administrative tasks both at the Consulate General of Sweden in New York and Sweden's permanent representation at the United Nations).

In 2002, Lilja practiced at the Section for Culture and Public Affairs: "He carried out his work with great accuracy, patience and a full measure of creativity founded both on his earlier practical experiences and on knowledge about information strategy."

TradeDoubler is Europe's leading supplier of performance oriented solutions on the Internet. Organizations of different lines of business have chosen TradeDoubler as a partner for web marketing and selling.

The company was founded in 1999 and has 650 employees in 19 countries today. In 2004, the Swedish Trade Council, chose TradeDoubler as the best export company of the year ("Export Hermes," together with Elekta AB and HTC Sweden AB). 

Since 2001, Lilja has been an affiliate for marketing of the following companies: AdLibris, American Express, Amnesty International, Bloomerce, CDON, English BookClub, Global Star Registry, Korsord.se, Ljudboken.se, LoveSearch, Moonshop, MrJet, Nationalencyklopedin, Silja Line, Spray Smart, Svenska Dagbladet, Vistaprint.se, and the World Wildlife Fund WWF.

(Source: TradeDoubler.)

Demoskop AB is a public opinion institute, whose business concept is to refine market information and knowledge of the surrounding world into useful decision data for its clients. The company claims to be a specialist on changes in the environment.

Demoskop was founded in 1989 and is located in Stockholm. Together with Kreab, a fellow subsidiary, Demoskop constitutes a part of the group Peje Emilsson AB. Demoskop is a member of SMIF, Sweden's Market Information Companies.

In 2001, Lilja was employed as a telephone interviewer.

(Source: Demoskop AB.)

AB Stelacon is an analysis, market survey and consulting company, which gathers both primary and secondary data under personal management. The company has its own studio for telephone interviews and focus groups.

Since 1984, the company has investigated, examined and analyzed the fast development from the start of the information society to current IT inpired life styles. The consultancy is also aimed at project management regarding business and enterprise development and product launching. Stelacon also makes surveys for public authorities.

In 2000–01, Lilja was employed as a telephone interviewer: "As a person Torgny is nice, careful and easy to co-operate with. It is a pleasure to give Torgny our best recommendations and to wish him good luck in the future."

(Source: AB Stelacon.)

Temo AB is one of Sweden's leading businesses for market and opinion surveys. Since 1971,  the company has had a sound knowledge of society studies, advertising evaluation, analyses of the world around us, opionion, media, trademark, image, customer and co-worker surveys. Temo accomplishes both quantitive and qualitive research (focus groups, depth interview, etcetera).

Earlier, Temo was a part of a group consisting of LUI Marknadsinfomation, Retail Services, Norwegian Media- och Marknadsinstitutet (MMI) and Danish Vilstrup Research. In December 2005, Synovate, the fastest growing research company in the world, bought Temo and LUI.

In 2000, Lilja was employed as a telephone interviewer for households and companies, as a recruiter for focus groups, and as an in-house office support: "Torgny has carried out his work assignments to our complete satisfaction and is very appreciated by fellow workers as well as management."

(Source: Temo AB.)

The Strindberg Museum is a foundation, for which the city of Stockholm, the Strindberg Society and the Nordic Museum are parent body. The purpose of the foundation is to throw light upon August Strindberg's life and work by permanent and casual exhibitions and to make premises available for research and other activities connected to the author.

The Blue Tower on Drottninggatan is the only one of 24 appartments in Stockholm that has preserved Strindberg's own furniture and equipment. He lived here between 1908 and 1912 in a newly built and modern real estate.

In 1998, Lilja was consulted as a project leader, graphic designer and programmer for the part of the site that tells about Strindberg's biography: "The work has been an appreciated element on the web site of the museum, and therefore I [the curator] can recommend him for similar assignments."

(Source: The Strindberg Museum.)

Moveri AB is a private company founded in 1995. It carries on activities in three business domains: trucker, vehicle service (heavy duty vehicles) and terminal work at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

The business started as a one-man trucker and expanded to eight heavy trucks in 1997. In the night hours, the company complements the Swedish Post Office's requirement for sorting personnel.

In 1998, Lilja was engaged as a package sorter at Arlanda Airport.

(Source: Moveri AB.)

Stockholm University is a metropolitan seat of learning deeply rooted in the Swedish society from a national and an international perspective. The research is aimed both at basic research and at applied research, which includes natural science as well as humanities and social sciences.

The university, mainly situated in Frescati in the district Northern Djurgården, has about 6,600 co-workers. It makes Stockholm Universiity one of the largest employers in the area.

In 1996–98, Lilja was employed as a tutor for papers in the Advanced Course in Literature.

(Source: Stockholm University.)

Netcom Advisor AB, which in the 90s changed name to MultiNet AB, is a private middle-sized computer company. It has offices in Stockholm, Helsingborg and Malmö, Sweden, where the activity is concentrated on selling of network, computers and peripherals.

Nowadays, MultiNet develops user-friendly software for office use. The company is also known for tailor-made e-mail solutions for sending out advertisement and newsletters. Letting out premises for computers is another business concept.

In 1993, Lilja was employed as a graphic designer.

(Source: MultiNet AB.)

The Nordic Council of Ministers is a joint committee of the Nordic governments. It was founded in 1971. The prime ministers have the comprehensive responsibility, but in practice the responsibility is delegated to the Nordic cooperative ministers or to the Nordic Committee for Cooperation. The presidency, which lasts one year at a time, rotate between the five Nordic countries.

The Nordic Council of Ministers is—despite the name—not one committee but many. Most Nordic departmental ministers meet in council of ministers a couple of times each year. The different Nordic committees of officials, which consists of national civil servants, prepare and follow up errands. The organization comes to decision through unanimity.

In 1992–94, Lilja was consulted as a translator and original designer. One of the publications, Endangered Animals and Plants in the Nordic Countries, "contains 142 pages and to that an extensive collection of statistical tables with texts belonging to it. Torgny Lilja has answered for typography and making up."

(Source: The Nordic Council of Ministers.)

Rabén & Sjögren is one of Sweden's leading publishers. It is a subsidiary of Kooperativa Förbundet (KF), the Swedish Co-operative Union. Since 1998, Rabén & Sjögren is a part of P.A. Norstedt och Söner together with Prisma, Norstedts and Norstedts ordbok.

Since the start 1942, Rabén & Sjögren has answered for a large and acknowledged quality publishing of both non-fiction and fiction. Today, the company is Sweden’s leading publisher of children’s books.

In 1993, Lilja was consulted as a graphic and original designer: "The work implied to make a suitable layout with text and pictures [for The Fjeld Book]. He decided image size, placement, made the selection and ordered copies. The work was done with Macintosh in the software QuarkXPress. Torgny Lilja did the work to our complete satisfaction."

(Source: Rabén & Sjögren.)

The Swedish Tourist Association
or STF is a non-profit organization run by its members. It supports Swedish tourism and informs about Sweden and the Swedes. STF has about 330,000 members, which makes it one of the largest voluntary associations in the country.

In the network, there are 315 youth hostels, nine mountain stations and some 40 or 50 cabin places in the Swedish fjelds. The association publishes the member magazine Tourist and has its own travel agency and publishing house, as well.

In 1993, Lilja was consulted as an original designer: "On the strength of the author Claes Grundsten's rough layout and text on Mac diskette, Torgny answered for the technical cabinet-making right up to ripping ready pages. He went about that work with credit and the book [To Photograph in the Fjelds] shows what he is capable of. We can warmly recommend him for similar assignments."

(Source: STF.)

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is the national agency for environmental protection, outdoor recreation and hunting issues in Sweden. It works for a strengthened and diversified environmental responsibility.

SEPA, created in 1967, presents proposals for environmental policy and legislation to the Swedish Government and ensures that environmental policy decisions are implemented. The authority also supports other organizations in order to develop and convey knowledge, to formulate demands and aspiration levels and to follow up and evaluate.

In 1989–94, Lilja was employed at the Natural Resources Department as a graphic and original designer, assistant editor and administrator, while he also was consulted by  the Information Department for desktop layout: "Torgny Lilja has a very good knowledge about his work and a very good performance. He has conveyed his assignments with sound judgment and responsibility. His ability to co-operate with management as well as with fellow workers has been very good."

(Source: SEPA.)

FRA or The National Defence Radio Establishment is the Swedish intelligence service's radio intelligence organization. The civil authority carries on signals intelligence as a support for Swedish foreign, security and national defence policy. It may concern possible threats, conditions relating to  foreign politics, basic data before participation in international peace keeping efforts, information about terrorism, and international arms trade or smuggling.

FRA is led by a Director General assisted by a Deputy Director General and central functions for coordination and planning. The line organization consists of seven divisions: COMINT, ELINT, Information Assurance, Systems Development, Systems Maintenance, Personnel and Administration.

In 1988–89, Lilja was employed as a communications analyst: "Obligation to observe secracy concerns employees at FRA."

(Source: FRA.)

Tyresö Municipality was the last municipality of Stockholm County to be built out. Today, Tyresö has 39,000 inhabitants. The management is divided into different administrative organizations.

A special admnistration led by the Cultural and Recreational Acitivities Office in Tyresö Center implements decisions by the Cultural and Recreational Activities Committee. It supports local associations, runs installations, libraries and other culture activities.

In 1988, Lilja made an inventory of an archive and a book collection at the Cultural and Recreational Administration.

(Source: Tyresö Municipality.)

The Post Office is one of Sweden's largest corporations with more than 30,000 emloyees. Posten Norden is a group of companies created through a merger between Post Danmark A/S and Swedish Posten AB. Today, the government authority is going in for being a modern and competitive message and logistics company.

In 1981–82, Lilja was employed as an assistant postman at the transport trucking.

(Source: Posten AB.)

Gotland Home Guard is a part of Gotland Military District. The purpose is to guard and protect the society's infrastucture from sabotage. The Home Guard constitutes the majority of Swedish safeguard forces. If home defence preparedness is ordered, the guardsmen shall be prepared for emergency two hours after an alarm.

In 1980–81, Lilja was consulted as a signaller.

(Source: Swedish Armed Forces.)

Gotland Military Command is now called Gotland Military District. It is one of Sweden's four military districts and aswers for the territorial command of the Swedish Armed Forces in Gotland. The Home Guard with the Gotland Group is part of the organization, as well.

It is the military districts' task to command territorial activities, which implies co-operation with the civil parts of the total defense, like The National Defence Research Establishment, The National Defence Radio Establishment, The Swedish Rescue Services Establishment and The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. The military districts also lead and carry out training of the Home Guard and support the volunteer defense organizations.

In 1980–81, Lilja served as a signaller and cryptographist at Gotland Military Command Staff: "Besides the special text protection (crypto service), handling of teletypewriter equipment as well as necessary office service and guard duty in a liaison center were included."

(Source: Swedish Armed Forces.)